Insider ORM Guidelines

Insider Online Reputation Management Guidelines


Online Reputation Management Tips


Ensure the information you post online will not harm your digital reputation

Despite the existence of privacy options, many items published in social media are publicly accessible and it can be difficult to guarantee that sites are fully private.
As such always start with the assumption that anything you say can be read by anyone, anywhere, at any time and remember that the Internet has a long memory.

Always exercise good judgment when posting and be aware that inappropriate conduct can negatively affect your organization, clients and yourself.
Always apply the following test: “Would my manager, client or customers be happy to see this content published?”

Be transparent.
If you are commenting in a personal capacity about brands or campaigns you work on, you should be open and transparent about who you work for, who you represent or who you may be speaking on behalf of.

Be upfront that the views being expressed are personal.
For example, if you have your own blog or other public website a disclaimer is recommended such as:
“The views expressed on this website/blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer or its clients”

Be accurate.
Posts should be accurate and fact-checked and capable of substantiation. If you do make a mistake, ensure you correct it promptly.
It is important to reference the earlier comment because even if the erroneous comment has been deleted, someone may have saved it as an image or other format to use as evidence.
Always ensure that any criticism is backed up with solid evidence.

Be professional.
Always act in a professional and constructive manner and use sound judgment before posting.
Always be polite and respectful of individuals’ opinions, especially when discussions become heated.

Show proper consideration for other people’s privacy.