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What’s in it for you?

It's time to go social

What do you do when you plan a trip? You start looking online for the best offers and the nicest places in town.

This is how most of the new customers come to your place. Following the latest social media & mobile trends will help your future customers to find you easily and leave the positive feedback that your place deserves.

And what’s so great about it? It’s just a matter of a good Social Media strategy.
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Promote your services

Five star hotel or cozy Bed & Breakfast, your business needs the push that the power of social media can give.

Going social is a great way to promote the quality of your services. That way your customers can take easily the decision when they book a hotel for their business or family trip.

Through your official website and social media channels you will be able to inform your customers about the latest offers that your business provides, depending on the different holidays, special occasions or seasons.
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Introduce to the world who are you working with

Showing to the world who are you working with is a great way for your audience to see that your business is standing out among the others.

Seeing your partners might help the decision-making process of your customers when they make a reservations for their next trip.

Ease them up!

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SEO on another level

Travel business is a business that is constantly growing and changing.

The trends are showing that more than 40% of the whole online trafic is coming from mobile divices and specialized travel apps. Those generate huge amount of mentions and online reviews that can either improve or damage your reputation.

Take control over that information flow to better your image over the web.

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Something Special

Share the latest news and events that you are hosting.

Let your viewers know what you have been up to lately. Doing that through the proper online communication channels for your field of expertise will help you improve your search engine positioning and the amount of positive scores on the popular search engines.

Curious to find out exactly how?
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Reputation Management Solutions for Hotel & Travel Industry


The travel industry must take online reputation management seriously

The Internet has come to have a very severe impact on the travel industry. While browsing different rating websites, catalogs or forums, your potential clients can come across negative or confusing information, which can make them decide against using your services. That is why you need to work on developing a positive online reputation. What we can do for you:

  • We can apply a proactive strategy for a structured and measured approach to online reviews
  • We can ensure quick and effective engagement with clients of the chain within the online space
  • We can create positive content to come up on first pages of search engines
  • We can encourage communication with traveling consumers
  • We can control online comments and reviews coming from clients by encouraging guests to reach hotel personnel using the various online channels (emails, brand website, electronic surveys, tourism review sites, forums, etc.)
  • We can acknowledge any feedback and respond quickly within a defined time frame
  • We can monitor reviews and comments to ensure that responses reflect the tone of the brand
  • We can measure public satisfaction and sentiment toward the brand
  • We can monitor the various trends of both the brand and its competitors
  • We can solicit reviews from satisfied customers, as well as distribute cards with links to review sites
  • We can share positive customer feedback on Twitter and Facebook
  • We can share feedback with staff and resolve issues wherever possible

Did you know?

User-generated content already influences 10 billion dollars annually in online travel bookings.
Travelers trust travelers: more than 66% of travelers surveyed note that they consider social media more credible than professional reviews.
4 out of 10 adult leisure travelers read blogs, share photos, or take virtual tours. While 1 in 4 post responses and participate in related social networks.
User generated content (UGC) caused 24% of travel buyers to change their mind about the type of travel purchases they make.

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