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What’s in it for you?

It's time to go social

Owning a seasonal business?

Or you are simply finding it tough to keep up with the new players that are coming out every single day? Using the benefits of the Internet strategy that involves key elements like website and social media strategy will help you position yourself among the top results of the popular search engines.

This will bring you not only the great visibility, but also the success in terms of revenue that comes with it. It will help you establish the desired online reputation.
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Promote your services

Gourmet restaurant with excellent wine list, fine cafeteria or elegant night club.

Your customers come to you, because they find everything they need at your place – excellent services, fine food and drinks and a great atmosphere to spend some time at. Help your business grow and win more customers using the latest trends of social media and mobile applications.
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Introduce to the world who are you working with

Showing the list of partners you are working with is a great way for your customers to see that you are serious about the business that you run and the services you offer.

Nowadays one of the most important things in the Restaurant & Food business is to guarantee that the products you use have guaranteed origin and quality.

You can easily prove that mentioning those details under the names of your partners. That way you promote not only your services, but also your partners’ business.
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SEO on another level

With the fast development of the mobile technologies and social media you are able to improve the quality of your services in any given moment.

Did you know that the most common type of photos uploaded on Instagram are actually photographs of food? Usually people add to those the location tag.

That way, if they search for your place on Instagram or Foursquare, the first thing your customers see is… the Photographed review of other visitors. The better those are, the better online reviews and search engine results you will be able to enjoy.

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Something Special

Disco night or simply official presentation of the new seasonal menu – keeping up your customers with the latest news around your place is what will keep the curiosity of your clients.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and don’t wait to share the good news to promote your work.

And the best part is that doing that, you are improving your positioning on the popular search engines and helping in the establishment process of your online reputation.

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Reputation Management Services For The Restaurant & Food Industry


Provide your restaurant with the best social media and reputation management strategies

Foursquare check-ins, instagrammed food dishes and Facebook tags – restaurants are gaining more and more recognition online. When searching online for the ideal place to have dinner users can come across negative comments, which will discourage them from visiting the said restaurant. This is why it is important to be aware of information and reviews about your business online, in order to be able to maintain your good reputations and not lose any potential clients in the process. What we can do for you:

  • We can make an initial evaluation of your business online, including detailed analysis of your competitors
  • We can provide you with customized monitoring with daily reports which will keep you informed of conversations about your business
  • We can protect you with a strategy for potential threats online
  • We can create a Social Media Management strategy to target and promote your image
  • We can customize the channels you use to engage with your customers
  • We can develop a unique content to showcase the quality of your services
  • We can create and optimize your very own ultra-responsive website, so your business will appear among the top results of the popular search engines
  • We can offer you branding services, integration of specifically developed strategies and identities to improve the performance of your brand on the Internet
  • We can create a management strategy for Paid Advertising
  • We can create and manage a customized newsletters
  • We can manage your marketing campaigns

Did you know?

50% have used a price comparison site.
72% of independent restaurants have a listing on Foursquare, while only 5 percent offer mobile websites.
40% of consumers learn about food via websites, apps and blogs.
25% photograph their food on a regular basis using Instagram.

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