Online Reputation in Active Mode Package

Active Mode

Active Mode For Your Online Reputation


Web research services and monitoring for your digital image

The Internet has become a venue for sharing ideas, experiences and information. Social media allows news, facts and observations to quickly reach a broad audience often packаged in an entertaining or emotional manner. Reviews and opinions are shared with the same ease on social media channels, forums, websites and other. Active mode involves regular monitoring of the web to ensure that your positive online reputation stays intact. This mode allows you to stay on top of everything by being informed of any new mentions online about you or your business. It keeps you informed of potential risks and allows you to quickly deal with emerging issues. What we can do for you:

  • Online research, Social Media Management, Blogging
  • Data Processing – Analyzing positive and non-positive content
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Optimizing positive assets using SEO techniques
  • Link Building to concrete Niche
  • News & Press Releases

Did you know?

Over 95% of costumers share their opinions about brands and services every day?
55% of customers believe the shared online opinions about a brand, service or a product.
Most under 24 prefer Twitter as a form of customer service.
LinkedIn helps a business to connect with customers through groups with specific interests connected to its brand.

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