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Pricing of our Services

At BEYOO ONLINE we offer flat rate pricing for our services. The packages include rates regarding the initial stages of maintaining, creating or developing your online reputation, as well as yearly rates for monitoring and supporting your online reputation goals.

At BEYOO ONLINE we also offer services that are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. Prices for these are calculated on the basis of work hours needed for completion, implementation and upkeep of the project.

With BEYOO ONLINE you can expect an excellent and professional service. Our stages of Analysis, Evaluation, Monitoring and Reporting ensure that every issue, success or opportunity regarding your online reputation is addressed, discussed and developed. At BEYOO ONLINE we work towards providing you with the online reputation that you and your business deserve.

References are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.

Business Search Engine Reputation Management

Eliminate your bad reputation online

  • Evaluate your current status online;
  • Remove and supress defamatory posts, comments or reviews about your business online;
  • Push back negative content to the back of search engine result pages with the help of SEO;
  • Control the information that comes up about your business in search engines.

Promote your business’s good reputation online

  • Create, manage and develop a positive online reputation for your business;
  • Write and submit articles, posts and positive content about your business’s activities;
  • Implement a strong social media and Internet strategy to engage your audience and set you apart from competitors;
  • Utilize SEO techniques to push all positive and relevant content to the front of search engine result pages;
  • Set in place effective risk and crisis management strategies.

We can manage reviews about you and your business online

The Internet has come to facilitate an open community where people share their experience and opinions of different services freely.
Research shows that the abundance of users read up on reviews online before deciding whether to buy a specific product or use a specific service.
Thus it is vital that your business enjoys positive reviews online to drive your business development forward.

We can:

  • Regularly monitor websites that have reviews posted about your company;
  • Provide you with regular reports on the status of your online reputation;
  • Publish real reviews from your existing customers on different websites;
  • Maintain your positive online reputation.

We can manage your and your business’s social media profiles

Social media has come to be a great marketing tool, as it provides individuals and businesses with exposure to vast amounts of current, former and future clients.
Social media will supplement and solidify your online reputation by informing and engaging your audience in a fun, personal and creative way.

We can:

  • Outline a strong social media strategy that will take into consideration your or your business’s needs and aspirations;
  • Regularly provide interesting and relevant blog posts and articles to be used on your website or through your social media profiles;
  • Maintain your social media profiles so that they remain functional;
  • Use SEO techniques to promote your online content.

We can regularly monitor your and your business’s reputation online

Online reputation monitoring will provide you with valuable information about the current status, as well as development of your digital image.
It is a service available to individuals, businesses or corporations.

We can:

  • Provide you with regular reports on the status and development of your online reputation;
  • Ensure that there is an abundance of positive content about you online;
  • Construct appropriate social media and Internet strategies to help you grow your business.

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