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Protect your online reputation with a good social media strategy

There are times when businesses can find themselves in an unfavorable situation because of their damaged reputation. Offline issues inevitably make their way to the online realm, resulting in negative articles and comments emerging on search engine’s first pages. A Risk management strategy will work towards pushing negative results back to the last pages of the search engines, as well as implementing a plan for preventing and addressing any future negative content. What we can do for you:

  • Develop an online crisis management strategy
  • Develop a social media management planning and prevention strategy
  • Develop a social media crisis management and emergency response
  • Create and submit press releases and articles
  • Use SEO for online crisis management
  • SEO for online crisis management
  • Monitor the crisis online
  • Maintain internal communications and train employees

Did you know?

Posting fake reviews about your business can cost you your image.
98% of customers ive a higher priority to risk management now as compared to two years ago.
There are 38% reputation and brand risks that may occure to businesses in the next two years.
There is a 46% moderate increase in investmets by companies to develop risk management capabilities.

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