Online Reputation Management For Companies

We can help you build a reputation for life.




Healthcare Industry ORM

The medical field is where we detect the most threats for our current clients.
Medical professionals, hospitals and clinics are often the target of negative comments and complaints from patients and random web attackers.

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Legal Industry Online Reputation Management

Working in the law field can be stressful for both you and your clients.
Laws, paragraphs and subsections that keep our lives in order can sometimes play hard with your reputation.

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Hotel & Travel Companies ORM

One of the most dynamic industries is the Travel Industry.
Owning a hotel or a place where a bunch of people can enjoy their vacation sometimes can be pretty hard.

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Restaurant & Food Industry Online Reputation Management

Well, from most of the forums and opinion websites you can’t experience that.
Looking for a place to have a nice dinner when you are on a business trip or simply enjoy the weekend with your family, you can get confused by various opinions about some restaurants that you can find on the Internet.

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Financial Organizations ORM

We are sure that working with money and numbers can be quite stressful.
But leaving an amount of uncontrolled comments and floating information over the internet can make your reputation look poor and not reliable.

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Human Resources Online Reputation Management

Helping people find the right work place is not an easy job.
In our professional practice and we believe in yours too you meet different people with different emotions.

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Corporate Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables you to bring your game on. Position yourself on the first pages of search engines.

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Social Media Corporate Services

Social Media enables you to communicate directly with your clients.

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Corporate Online Reputation

Some companies operate in a field that seems to have nothing to do with the Internet at a first glance.
But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a proper presenting of their business activities online.

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