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Financial Institutions Online Reputation Management…What’s in it for you?

It's time to go social

What is the starting point of your workflow? You help people with their financial issues.

What we do? We help financial companies get more visible for the people that might need their professional help. How we do it? We use different Internet strategy elements, so when a person looks for services in your field, he will find you first.

We also believe that getting more visible will help you gain more feedback and improve your services in the process of establishing the positive online image you deserve.

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Share your knowledge

Your clients come to you because they know you are good at what you do.

Share this knowledge, skills and experience with the internet audience. Showcasing the full range of services your company offers and the talents of your employees will bring you not only new clients, but also will open a wide range of opportunities for your business to grow on another level.

Maybe you will also find a reliable business partner?
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Introduce the world who are you working with

One of the best ways to introduce yourself to the world is through your business partners and affiliates.

Those people that fight with you out on the business field can sometimes say much more about the quality of your services than you can.

Tell the world more about your collaborative experience together and help them get more visible through your business’s promotion. Because we believe that sharing is caring.

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SEO on another level

How do we achieve a great visibility and top ranking results for our clients’ services over the web? We use a wide range of promotional techniques, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Management and Content Management.

We provide solutions for paid marketing campaigns and we guide the process from its beginning until the end.

That way we help the building of the healthy online reputation that our clients deserve.

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Latest buzz around you

What is going on in the financial sector?

How your business responds to all the occurring events in the financial field?

These and the news and events around your company can take place into a special section. Having that, you make sure your clients, partners and audience is staying in touch with you and is getting the latest insights from a true and reliable source.
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Human Resources

Do you know how your employees use social media in their daily activities?

Do they do it as your employees and single professionals in the Financial sector, using platforms such as LinkedIn and XING, or they prefer to communicate and connect with their friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or Google+, keeping it simple and personal?

Knowing that and knowing the risk that an inappropriate social media behavior can cause is the step that will bring you closer to your desired company’s reputation. Taking the next step is considering to connect with online reputation experts to help you build the Internet strategy that is proper for your business field.

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Strategy & Governance

A key element of the Governance Strategy each company should have are the Ethics and Integrity.

Of course a strategy is built upon various elements, but exposing those two to the public will help your clients and partners to better understand the business world you are operating in. You should show the key indicators that are following the Ethics and Integrity: Employee Conduct, Freedom of Information, Community Complaints Resolution and last, but not least – Access to the democratic processes.

Those will help you improve your image on a corporate level and will help you position yourself as a modern business player.

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ROI, KPI & Performance

We are not going to ask you what ROI or KPI stands for. But we are going to ask you do you know where to put your money in terms of campaigns and promotion? We can tell you.

Put your money where your word of mouth is – in Social Media. Control the online conversations about you and play along with the best. And leave the measuring for us.

In the end you will be amazed what great results can come along after performing an overall Internet Strategy.

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Online Reputation Management for Financial Companies


Enterprise Digital Image Solutions for Financial Organizations

Reputation is everything nowadays. Thus neglecting your reputation online can be detrimental to your business. Creating, maintaining and developing your reputation online can be the edge you need to surpass your competitors. What we can do for you:

  • We can perform an Evaluation to find out more about the current results related to your reputation
  • We can analyze them and turn the data into business analysis report
  • We can create а winning strategy for both your personal website and social media profiles
  • We can manage your marketing and social media campaigns
  • We can coach your employees on how to support the online reputation development of your company

Did you know?

In 2012 62% of financial advisors on LinkedIN were getting new clients.
71% of users who want to connect with a financial institution via social media did not know they could.
66% of respondents say they receive information about financial services online.
56% of online consumers read about promotions and offers.

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