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It's time to go social

We treat our clients’ reputation as importantly as they treat their patients’ health.

Staying visible in the Social Media era is important. The social media channels offer a wide range of options to promote the medical professionals’ work and specializations and give the doctors the opportunity to connect and help more people through Internet.

The main goal of the Internet strategy for Medical Professionals is to tell the world what amazing job they are doing every day to make people feel better physically and mentally. This is the base which a stable online reputation is built upon.

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Share your knowledge

The knowledge of a physician is like an encyclopedia.

The experience he gets in his everyday work with numerous people is adding more and more pages into this encyclopedia. This is how his skills are made. We know that and we want you to share it with the world. That way, if a person needs a medical advice or help, he will know where he can get the best medical services.

Don’t wait to tell the world what you are good and why your medical facility is the right choice!

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Introduce the world who are you working with

Associations, facilities, clinics, hospitals, medical materials and equipment vendors – all of these people, organizations or facilities are sharing your values where the ending point is to help people in need of medical and health care.

Share their names and a good word about your collaborative work. Your patients, partners and audience will appreciate it.

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SEO on another level

Why a Medical Professional needs to take care of his personal reputation and the reputation of the clinic or hospital he has been working with?

Because that way the organic (natural) results that a patient will get if he looks online for help will lead him to you. Keeping up the positive image can happen also with the help of a specially designed Social Media strategy as a part of the main Internet strategy for Medical Professionals on a corporate level.

Engaging with key professionals that provide expert online reviews is another way to help you get noticed and perceived with a positive image online.

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Latest buzz around you

A great way to let your patients, affiliates and audience know about the latest news and events around you is to update a special section on your corporate website.

Doing that you will be able to share all the information that a person might want to know in order to contact, visit or ask you for specific help.

Updating the latest highlights will also enable you to climb the stairs to the top results of the popular search engines.
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Between doctors, HR & Social Media

Do you know what is the relation between doctors, Human Resources, Social Media and the Internet in general?

The majority of medical professionals use social media actively. Facebook, for example, is the most popular social network that doctors use outside their practice.

Almost 30% of doctors use professional physician communities and participate actively in online conversations.

20% of clinicians use two or more social media platforms for professional or personal use and believe that social media is able to improve health care.

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Strategy & Govermance

From the detailed research until the beginning of the strategy execution, all the actions are consistent and in line with the governance requirements.

Understanding the special needs for a medical professional to develop the online reputation he deserves, whether he is a highly respected doctor or we talk about a clinic or a hospital, the bar is high and we are aware that your audience is sensitive and might get the message in a wrong way.

That is why we developed a strategy, specially designed for Medical Professionals. Now the only thing you need to worry about is the health of your patients.

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ROI, KPI & Preformance

You have to think not only about your online reputation, but also about the ROI (Return of Investment) after taking the actions for shaping your image and visibility over the web.

You will notice that after the online reputation management Internet strategy has been started, you will gain more website traffic, more internet attention and surely more new patients interested in your professional medical skills.

Those can be easily measured with KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and evaluated in a detailed manner. Having said that, you can be sure that investing in your image is like investing in a TV ad – it surely brings the success back to you. Position yourself on the top, so more people in need of medical help can reach you.
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Medical Professionals & Clinics Online Reputation Management


Digital Image for Healthcare Industry Specialists & Providers

Medical professionals, hospitals and clinics are often the target of negative comments and complaints from patients and random web attackers. This makes the need for adequate protection and reputation management even more vital for medical professionals. What we can do for you:

  • We can evaluate your image at the current stage and perform an analysis phase to help you shape the right approach for your business image
  • We can provide you with reports, so you will be aware of the steps we take to build up or fix your web reputation
  • We can create a proper social media model to update your patients and business partners with the latest buzz around you
  • We can create and optimize a specially designed website that will answer your business needs and will place you on the top results in the search engines
  • We can help you repair your reputation if it has already been attacked

Did you know

There are 29 organizations with over 5k members, looking for pharma partners?
60% of medical professionals are already using social networks in their professional practice?
59% of medical professionals are interested in interacting with pharma, biotech and device companies?
85% of patients plan on visiting a doctor or hospital with a good image and reputation within a month.

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