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It's time to go social

Did you know that people are more influenced by the brand favorability, its company policy and the won loyalty awards than the different deals and promotions? (Source: JiWire Report)Those elements and the quality of your services are what bring customers back to you. But how they know that your business do exists?

They go online for a travel research. That’s why today is vital to go social. The beginning of the establishment of your positive online reputation is to choose the right approach to go online.

We can help you with that one.

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Promote your services

When a person books a room in a hotel, it might be for a day or two, but if he leaves his opinion about your services online, this will stay forever.

Share with your recent visitors and future customers your professional services and promote them in a manner that is specially designed for the travel business field. Don’t miss a detail why you are so good at what you do.

This is what makes people come to you. Do it today!

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Introduce the world who are you working with

Probably your hotel is a social place where huge companies organize different events.

As a host and also as a provider of hotel services you must have strong business partners that complete the business process. Food and drinks vendors, furniture companies, the list is endless.

Tell your viewers more about your business partners and how they help you do what you do best – offer high quality hotel & travel services.

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SEO on another level

Very interesting fact is that over 50% of the travel bookings have been generated from social media.

Since this is a trend that has been growing for the past few years, we are more than happy to help you follow it and bring your business on a higher level.

For our Hotel & Travel Industry clients we create a specially designed Internet strategy that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and various other processes that will help you gain more visibility and stay on the top of the search engines results.

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Something Special

The Hotel & Travel business is an active field that offers lots of different events.

Every single event is a great opportunity for you to promote your business, showcasing with picture galleries or videos the great atmosphere and experience that you are able to create for your customers.

Share the latest information about your business online and help your visitors keep in touch with you.

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Human Resources

When travelers become more and more tech savvy, what the Hotels & Travel Business needs to do is to adapt to the innovation and use it to improve the business sector.

Every connected to the internet person can easily and freely leave a comment. Sometimes these comments we classify as negative or non-positive content that might harm a person or company’s image.

By training your employees you can improve your reputation online on opinion websites and draw more traffic and customers to your business.
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Strategy & Governance

You can’t start a business without a strategy and a business plan. Sharing your knowledge and experience won’t make your competitors steal or copy your strategy, but will win the respect of even your biggest rival.

Exposing the fiscal and administrative information and keeping it transparent, following the business rules, will help your audience and customers to understand you better.

Sharing wins trust and trust is the basis of the online reputation that your business deserves.
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ROI, KPI & Performance

Do you use social media to promote your business? Have you ever measured the results after executing a promotional campaign?

We can do that using various tools to track the performance of an online campaign and bring it to another level. Investing in online campaigns that have the goal to introduce you to the world in a different manner will help you track a raise on your ROI, will improve the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and will earn your customers trust.
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Digital Reputation for Hotel & Travel Industry


Enterprise Online Reputation Management Solutions for Travel Industry

Travel is one of the most dynamic industries, even more so now that it has become very dependent on the Internet. People can access, share and upload information from numerous devices and locations. The Internet is flooded with opinions and without proper monitoring you can only assume what conversations are floating online about you or your business. A good ORM strategy can get you on top of your online reputation and help you maintain a positive image. What we can do for you:

  • We can perform an Evaluation and collect the data found about you
  • We can analyze and divide the results as positive, non-positive and negative and shape the approach that will work best for your reputation
  • We can keep you up to date with our actions with reports, sent on a regular basis
  • We can create a website, unique content and various social media profiles, so you can communicate with your customers and promote yourself over the web
  • We can optimize the content available about you online
  • We can manage various marketing and social media campaigns to make sure your business is well exposed and people know about your professional practices

Did you know?

60% of the Travel/Leisure decisions of consumers is influenced by social media.
49% of travelers won’t book a property that doesn’t have reviews online.
81% of travelers find user reviews important.
46% of travelers post hotel reviews online.

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