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Human Resources Online Reputation Management…What’s in it for you?

It's time to go social

Do you find yourself on the top pages of the search engines? If not, than you are not doing something properly.

That is why we can help you establish a positive online reputation. For shaping it, there are several processes included in the Internet strategy for Human Resources companies. We know that you work with people.

So there is nothing better to share their positive feedback and help you build the image that you deserve using the power of Social Media and Internet.
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Share your knowledge

What you are good at? Dealing and resolving Human Resources issues or maybe finding talents where people least expect?

Giving insights about your employees skills and qualifications is a great way to showcase that your company can play on the business field among the top players.

That place where you share your expertise is the right place to be yourself.
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Introduce the world who are you working with

Who do you work with? Do you share the same values? What is your story together? Projects? Success?

Tell the world about it and make your partners get noticed from your audience.

In the business world being a gentleman can have many dimensions and telling a good word about your business partners and affiliates and help they move to another level, following your good example.

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SEO on another level

Do you know what Back Link and CPC stand for? Don’t worry, you don’t need to.

We can help you achieve great visibility and positive ranking of the results that are related to your company and business. We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media as key elements that are part of the Internet strategy for Human Resources companies.

With those on top we guarantee you that you will find yourself on the top pages of the most popular and used search engines.

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Latest buzz around you

Be the leading source for HR news not only for the events around your company, but also for the business sector.

Share the latest insights and updates with the audience that is showing interest in Human Resources and offer them reliable information they can count on.

Having a special News & Events section is a great way to promote and share your business activities with the internet users.

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Human Resources

We are not going to explain you about the employment lifecycle, but how you can improve it implementing Social Media into your employees’ daily activities.

Three years ago below 10% of the companies were using social media for recruiting purposes. Today the number has escalated and it’s close to 90%.

Creating and performing a proper Internet strategy will help you bring your business to a whole another level, where you won’t need to be worried about your company’s image.
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Strategy & Governance

The three main Performance Management Framework elements are Community Outcomes, Agency Outputs and Inputs, such as money, human capital and assets.

The results related to the character of Social & Fiscal Responsibility reporting progress, the ministerial portfolio statements and the auditor in general. We can help you, by choosing the proper online reputation management approach, to showcase those elements to the public.

That way your audience will understand you better and will rebuild the perception about your company not only on, but also offline.

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ROI, KPI & Performance

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most popular networks, used by people on a daily basis. Another rapidly growing social media platforms are Pinterest and Instagram, which count on the visuals, for example.

For the social media there are no borders. Implementing it into the overall Internet Strategy can help you raise the awareness for a certain details in your business, get more traffic and boost your yearly revenue.

This can be easily measured by various processes and elements, such as ROI (Return of Investment) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator), so the follow-up steps of your Internet Strategy will be tailored to the results in order to get the maximum out of it.

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Online Reputation Management for Human Resources


Online Reputation Services for Human Resources Organizations

A good HR specialist knows the importance of having a positive online reputation. Minimize negative content online regarding your company with the implementation of a strong online reputation strategy. What we can do for you:

  • We can perform a detailed research and business analysis to help us shape the right approach for your business’ needs
  • We can keep you up to date with our steps for building the right corporate image for you by providing you with detailed reports
  • We can create an appropriate social media management strategy, so you can gain more publicity with the help of social media
  • We can boost the good opinion about you, creating a quality content for the best sources for promoting your corporate image
  • We can create a website, where you can communicate with your audience and where you can share your latest activities and awards
  • We can use various SEO techniques, so this will appear on the first pages when a search has been performed
  • We can coach your employees how to behave a proper way over the social media, so they can help you shape the desired business image online

Did you know?

43% of professionals in the Human Resources industry are responsible for creating organizations’ social media policy.
25% of HR agencies report they use social media for teambuilding purposes.
41% of Human Resources professionals say they use social media for employee communications.
69% of HR professionals use social media channels for recruiting purposes.

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