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Restaurant & Food Industry Online Reputation Management…What’s in it for you?

It's time to go social

How many competitors exactly do you have? In that business it’s hard to keep up your game.

Except the quality of the services you offer, you have to bear in mind that in the era of Internet & Social Media first you need to go social. That way the visibility of your brand will help you establish a stellar online reputation and will bring to you new and happy customers.

Go social to get visible!

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Promote your services

What you offer to your clients is what makes you special.

Your professional expertise and skills are those two things that make people share their best thoughts about your business online. Their opinions are part of the shaping of your online reputation.

Explain and share what you can do best and showcase why your business is standing out among the big players in the industry.

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Introduce the world who are you working with

To stay on top you need to provide the best from the best.

Show your clients where you get those amazing meals and drinks and how you manage to create unique atmosphere when they enter your restaurant. Your business partners and affiliates are those people that help you achieve success.

Don’t think too much and share a good word about their work as well.

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SEO on another level

Do you know how Social Media & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) impact your business?

People leave feedback after they visit and experience your services. They share their opinions with friends, family and the internet society that looks online before visiting a restaurant. Online reviews are one of the most important elements of building up the successful Internet strategy, because of the influence over the organic (natural) results that the search engines will provide to the viewers.

Make sure you have full control over them.

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Something Special

What is the newest thing that happened with your business? New menu items?

Specials and discounts?

Opening new positions? Contests, fun games and special events? Share the latest news and updates, so your customers will know what have your business been up to. Keep their minds alerted and provoke their curiosity, so next time they visit you, they will be pleasantly surprised.

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Human Resources

Ever heard of the Applebee’s scandal? In a nutshell: a social media crisis, because of a receipt with a brief exchange of lines between the customer (who happened to be also a priest) and the Applebee’s waitress.

The case went viral and had a huge impact on the chain’s reputation and on Human Resources in the Food Industry Sector.

Understanding the importance of Online Reputation Management and the need of a working Social Media strategy will help you stay away from critical situations like the one mentioned above.

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Strategy & Governance

Setting up the governance strategy guidelines will help any company in the sector to ensure the best outcomes for the company, its partners and customers.

Sharing those guidelines with the audience in the right and professional manner will ensure that the other side understands well the framework and strategic governance direction.

On a corporate level, any partners or potential ones will be more easily convinced in the professionalism of the company that is performing an ongoing online reputation management and overall internet strategy and its fiscal, regulatory and administrative frameworks.

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ROI, KPI & Performance

The Food & Restaurant industry is one of probably the most successful business sectors, where social media goes hand in hand with the business.

Different promotions, discounts, introducing new products or partnership and collaboration with other companies happens online and the investment in Social Media stategy is what will enlarge the outcome from the overall company’s promotion strategy.

Having it setup, it can focus on the different situational outcomes, like binging new customers, performing more sales and reporting satisfactory results in the end of the year.

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Restaurant & Food Industry Online Reputation Management


Digital Reputation Services for Restaurants & Food Businesses

Foursquare check-ins, instagrammed food dishes and Facebook tags – restaurants are gaining more and more recognition online. When searching online for the ideal place to have dinner users can come across negative comments, which will discourage them from visiting the said restaurant. This is why it is important to be aware of information and reviews about your business online, in order to be able to maintain your good reputations and not lose any potential clients in the process. What we can do for you:

  • We can help you get a clear image of your current online reputation
  • We can create a business analysis model to choose the right online reputation management mode for your restaurant
  • We can monitor your reputation, detecting any potential threats and we can keep you posted with a series of reports
  • We can create successful strategies to promote your business with the help of social media and mobile applications
  • We can bring extra spice to your services with our special product, called “The Edge”
  • We can create a website, where your customers can see the quality of your services in higher definition
  • We can optimize results online
  • We can push back the negative content by creating new fresh and positive high quality articles about your restaurant
  • We can manage your marketing and social media campaigns and bring your business to a higher level

Did you know?

Social Media influences 58% of user’s Food and Beverage decisions. It also sways the choice of restaurant in 57% of the cases.
86% of chain restaurants can be found on Foursquare, while 81% can be found on Yelp.
Independent and chain restaurants have more than 300 Foursquare check-ins per location.
49% of consumers use Facebook to search for restaurants (Mashable).

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