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It's time to go social

The constantly evolving process of being visible is containing in itself successful marketing, social media and search engine optimization actions.

That process is helping shape the brand identity, raise brand awareness into the company’s customers. Being visible online is as important as being visible offline.

Did you know that 91% of people go to a physical store or location after they have searched the product or services online?

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Share your knowledge

What are you good at? Your skills and expertise are what is helping you shape the desired brand identity.

These qualifications are what brings your business on top and people return back to you. They expect you to be brilliant, so don’t hesitate to do it.

Don’t wait to share it as well, because sharing your experience is what makes you who you are – company, providing professional services or products.
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Introduce the world who are you working with

Doing business is like playing basketball. You can be good on your own, but at the end of the game, your team is who is celebrating the victory.

Share more information about your team players’ business’s, so the world can see that you are absolutely able to keep up your game on the highest level on the business field.
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SEO on another level

What tools do you use in your business activities? CRM, ERP or any other special software? Machines? Human power? In our business field, where we help our clients to build up the desired positive online reputation, our main tool is the Internet itself.

The endless capabilities and opportunities that it gives are what enables us to provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) services and help you build up on a stable brand identity on and offline.
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Latest buzz around you

What have you been up to lately? Every major or even small changes deserve to be shared with your audience.

That way you are showing your clients, partners and viewers that you are keeping up with the business standards of being transparent and willing to stay visible.

Hosting or participating in different events is the perfect opportunity for you to promote what your company is doing best – business.

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Human Resources

There are numerous cases of social media scandals caused by a company’s employees.

Ever heard of the Dominoz Scandal? Exactly. That is why is so important your employees to understand the power of social media and how it’s used in the business world.

You can save your company’s reputation by either training your staff or hiring an online reputation experts to do it while they prepare an overall Internet Strategy that, part of which are prevention methods for a potential online crisis.

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Strategy & Governance

Legitimacy, fairness, connectivity, resilience, accountability, inclusiveness and transparency are the principles of good governance that most companies must implement.

The protected areas Governance has been defined as mechanisms, processes and organizations to determine the direction of the management and the decision-making.

We can help you share all of the above with your audience and help you prevent a potential crisis that can be caused by some of the elements above.

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ROI, KPI & Performance

How can you improve your online reputation by using Social Media Strategy?
Can you bring more customers by using an Internet Strategy?

Can you promote your services or products more successfully online than offline?
Can you improve your employees workflow by helping them understand the importance of using social media professionaly?

Can you boost your yearly revenue with the help of Social Media?
To answer all those questions, just check out our Services or simply contact us.

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Corporate Online Reputation


Corporate Online Image Solutions

Whether you offer legal services or you own a winery, your business requires a positive exposure online. Receiving positive feedback from your clients will not only keep your reputation online unstained, but will further develop your business. We can help you position yourself where you belong – on the top pages of the popular search engines among the successful players in your business field. What we can do for you:

  • We can perform an Evaluation phase where we collect all the founded data if there is some
  • We can create a strategic business analysis model, where we analyze in a detailed manner the collected data
  • We can inform you on a regular of information we find about your business through our Monitoring service
  • We can build a successful social media management strategy
  • We can create a professional looking website for you
  • We can optimize your website
  • We can create and promote a high quality content that shows the world your professional practices
  • We can detect any potential threat and eliminate it, so your reputation online stays positive and untarnished

Did you know?

74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchase decisions (SproutSocial).
75% of Americans say that seeing negative search results for a brand impacts their buying decision.
82% of men aged 18-24 will consider an alternative product if they find negative information in the search results.
68% of B2B companies are using Social Media Intelligence.

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